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Lay Off Unathi #IdolsSA

Lay Off Unathi #IdolsSA

The hate #Unathi from #IdolsSA receives breaks my heart quite honestly.
She is the most genuine, warm hearted person and the world just keeps getting uglier about her.

Girls can we just stop breaking each other down?

So what if she has dark arm pits?

And God forbid one day we find out she has darker inner thighs, how ugly will we get then?

Isn’t it the burden of every black woman of dark skin that does not bleach their skin to get these marks?

And since we are making the assumption of her having excessive finances, does having money mean we always have to polish and polish and polish ourselves to be lighter because we not good enough as is?

We shave and even wax, we scrub ourselves,we moisturize, we do makeup and all the rest and you telling me we are still not clean enough because the parts of our bodies which grow hair are not light skinned?

And to thosegoing on about how she should make her skin lighter in those areas, why do you assume “remedies” and products that work for you or your cousin will work for her or that she even has the same priorities as you do?😡

I’m really disappointed in how much we hate ourselves. MNXHIM

We should be kinder to one another, more considerate and if at all possible, place ourselves in the shoes of the person that will receive our words.

If only we, black women could stop hating ourselves and projecting that self hate on our sisters.

We could go so far.