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Lay Off Unathi #IdolsSA

Lay Off Unathi #IdolsSA

The hate #Unathi from #IdolsSA receives breaks my heart quite honestly.
She is the most genuine, warm hearted person and the world just keeps getting uglier about her.

Girls can we just stop breaking each other down?

So what if she has dark arm pits?

And God forbid one day we find out she has darker inner thighs, how ugly will we get then?

Isn’t it the burden of every black woman of dark skin that does not bleach their skin to get these marks?

And since we are making the assumption of her having excessive finances, does having money mean we always have to polish and polish and polish ourselves to be lighter because we not good enough as is?

We shave and even wax, we scrub ourselves,we moisturize, we do makeup and all the rest and you telling me we are still not clean enough because the parts of our bodies which grow hair are not light skinned?

And to thosegoing on about how she should make her skin lighter in those areas, why do you assume “remedies” and products that work for you or your cousin will work for her or that she even has the same priorities as you do?ūüė°

I’m really disappointed in how much we hate ourselves. MNXHIM

We should be kinder to one another, more considerate and if at all possible, place ourselves in the shoes of the person that will receive our words.

If only we, black women could stop hating ourselves and projecting that self hate on our sisters.

We could go so far.

Are You Giving People Too Much Head Space?

Are You Giving People Too Much Head Space?

Here is a decidedly unfashionable post which i’vm writing because as much as I hate to admit this…. life is a lot more than #MochaChic’s amazing clothes & hairūüĎáūü§£.

Are We Investing Ourselves Too Much on Popular Opinion?

Ladies this has been on my mind a lot lately.
Especially as I’ve seen so many posts that evoke strong emotions and mostly in reference to relationships, especially marriage, cheating spouses and the repercussions there of.

So my overall observation is that too many of us deal with life issues according to the opinions of others. Whether you are the injured person or the one discussing an incident thats happened to a complete stranger and discussing it as if your own opinion matters.

First of all, I’m not sure what gives us the right first of all to have an opinion or say about someone else’s life. But everyday we are critiquing and analysing other people’s business and how they handle their life problems.

My empathy on this rests with the victim or the one going through the tragedy.

And if you are such a person I want you to know it is alright to handle things in which ever way feels best to you. Whether the next person will approve is none of your business. People suppressing their hurt and anger and their very human need to be vindicated is what is leading people to depression. Society dictates that we squash our pain and bury it deep, but we are not designed. the mind and body will find a way to react.

So just because the world agrees that you should be strong and endure or even dares to chant that you must forgive, feel under no pressure to succumb. Forgiveness is good for you, don’t get me wrong. In most cases we need to forgive ourselves and whoever else in order to move on. But I want encourage you to feel your pain first, allow yourself to be angry, allow yourself to grieve. Grief (mourning) is a very necessary process for your future well being, I believe that if we do not go through it we risk our own mental and emotional health, ego sadness moves to chemical imbalances and maybe depression, instead of just stopping at sadness..

I am always tellong myself, Wendy give yourself a break because, society expects a lot from women.

We are expected to endure things men would crumble over and everyone acts like there’s nothing to it.

We are expected to forgive things men would find unforgivable and move right on to being normal like we were not broken in the process.

So my conclusion is this:
Just because a whole lot of people (social media and even our social circles, acquaintances or friends) agree on a particular view does not mean it is the right or honourable or even humane way to think or do things.
So lets’s keep exercising our divinely given intellectual & moral autonomy when it comes to dealing with challenges in our own lives.
When you do that you soon realise that most of the ideas of the masses you may have adopted as your own lead to self sabotage. Those cannot in anyway lead to your growth.

And I am convinced that when we walk out of our pain we should have learnt something of ourselves, we should have gotten stronger, it should at the very least, have equipped us to move forward with more certainty of our abilities to overcome.

Love x light x Blessings,

Wendy Ewurum

Girl’s Night Out Collection For Vodacom Red

Girl’s Night Out Collection For Vodacom Red

So a few days after the #FashionWithoutBoarders main event at the #ParkInn in Sandton which attracted many industry professionals, #MochaChic received an invitation from #Vodacom to participate in a private fashion show which would be organised and hosted by Vodacom at #Vodaworld.

The requirements were:

  1. Create 5 looks
  2. They must all be primarily red

We delivered on both accounts and the love from the models, organizers and the crowd was overwhelming.

Personally I’ve been trying to select a favorite outfit but its impossible because even though they are of the same colour, they are very different and appeal to me in much the same way which in that, they are flirty and confident. If I had the body for it I would wear all of them with equal frequency.

I think what has made every piece a favourite for me is that they reflect who I am as an individual.

I love this passion colour and it’s already in most areas of Mocha Chic’s life, so using it in different textures and hues all at the same time was an extra bonus because again, the fabric types were those I most strongly resonate with. I love soft, feminine fashion crafted in strongly structured lines. And I feel like this is exactly what I got out of this project, each piece has a small element of severity whether in design or fabric choice.

I guess this collection should in essence be called the: Wendy by Night Collection, because it really is everything I would wear and wish I could wear.

Thank you for visiting Mocha Chic and I’d love to get feedback from you about this post.

I apologise in advance for poor image quality.

Gallery link to pictures: events gallery




The Unforgettable Sandton Runway Debut

The Unforgettable Sandton Runway Debut

We are at the end of yet another awesome week and to end it here is an update on current affairs at our studio.

If you have been reading the blog, you’d have noted that we had a fashion event scheduled for¬† Saturday the 6th at #ParkInn Sandton, hosted by #FashionWithoutBordersSA ( #fwbjhb2018).

This was an incredibly reassuring experience for the brand because the whole process just reaffirmed that we have a place in the South African fashion landscape. Not that we ever had a doubt, but when industry professionals start taking note and saying well one…. well, it most definitely carries a certain weight.

To perhaps try to explain my exhilaration and sense of victory for having reached a certain milestone, let me start by saying:

I’ve always known what I wanted to create through this brand.

Clothes that say she is wearing a bespoke garment that personifies elegance, class and style and has her feeling her most powerful and confident self.

As a result I do my very best everyday to communicate my intention through the clothes I produce, especially the quality in the execution of each garment. As a creative my focus has never been on making outrageously exotic fashion that would be limited to runways and speciality wear audiences.

My choice of “genre” or style is one that set out to provide a solution to a problem I had and in solving my problem found out that many other women shared my struggle. Therefore at Mocha Chic we came to be the place where every woman can walk in with the knowledge and assurance that she will come out with a tailor made or even ready to wear item that fits her to perfection complete with the best garment finishing.

That we are now invited to actually participate in fashion events is a cherry on top and I cannot express my gratitude and joy enough with these new developments and we look forward to  many more such breathtaking projects.

I’ve let this video run a little long but if you only want to see the 6 minutes with Mocha Chic on the runway please click on this #Youtube link:¬†

Please don’t forget to subscribe to our YOU TUBE channel.


Fashion extravaganza with VODACOM RED

Watch this space for details on the #VodacomRed project…..

Win Free Tickets To Fashion Without Borders Roadshow

Win Free Tickets To Fashion Without Borders Roadshow


If you read our newsletter a couple of days ago then you’ll have seen that¬†Mocha Chic is a participant in the #FashionWithoutBoardersSA Designers Roadshow #FWBJHB2018,
We are really excited about our very first experience on the runway and wanted to spread the joy to a few people so we’ve decided to giveaway tickets to two fashion lovers who would like to witness this epic event.
To¬†enter this ticket #giveaway¬†you just need to do 2 things….
1. Subscribe to our mailing list here real quick:
2. Then copy the following highlighted text and post to your Facebook timeline:

Witness the most flamboyant and epic Designer Roadshow of 2018 and shop high end designer wear from established and up and coming designers from across the continent, in Sandton this weekend. Get more details by clicking on this link:¬†¬†…¬† #fwbjhb2018 #fwbafrica

In case you can’t wait for the giveaway results, you can also just purchase your tickets online.
Access:  Tickets are available from CompuTicket and cost: R250 to R500.
Location: Park Inn Hotel, Sandton
Date:       October 6th, 2018
Starts:      18:00pm

Fashion Without Borders Designers Road Show

Fashion Without Borders Designers Road Show


#MochaChic #Couture will be participating at the…. annual #FashionWithoutBorders (FWB) #FashionDesigners RoadShow


At Mocha Chic Couture we’ve been recognized as one of #Africa’s up and coming design houses and as such been granted an amazing opportunity to showcase our range of clothing at an exclusive event which we hope will include you, the reader. Fashion Without Borders is an event dedicated to showcasing up and coming talent through out Africa and we are incredibly excited and honored to be part of the show this year.

Without wasting time let me tell you that tickets to the main even are limited and you need to move fast to secure yours. It’s only a week away.
Below is a list of other extremely talented African designers who have will be participating along side us.

Access: Tickets are available from CompuTicket and cost: R250 to R500.
Location: Park Inn Hotel, Sandton
Date: October 6th, 2018 – a week from now.

Tickets are limited so please book your spot early.

I sincerely hope to see you there.

Follow Fashion Without Borders: on Facebook to be kept abreast with all events leading up to the show this coming Saturday. There is also an opportunity to win tickets so I do recommend checking out this page.

AND THEN …. Make Sure You Also Don’t Miss Out On The 3 Day Pop Up Shops

Also hosted by Fashion Without Borders

  • The designer’s stalls will be at the same venue as the main show but starting as of next Thursday the 4th until the 6th October.
  • Entrance to the Pop Up Shops is free, so don’t miss an opportunity to add some thing new, creative and #ProudlyAfrica to your closet
    See You There!

Find out more from The Fashion Without Borders #facebook page.

When Music Awards Got Us In The Spotlight

When Music Awards Got Us In The Spotlight

So ladies and possibly gents, 29th of April we were giddy with excitement because we made our very first TV appearance which was aired on #kyknet channel 144 on #DSTV.

It was a lovely compliment to be tasked with crafting #YOMA #ClaudiaWitbooi ‘s dress to be worn at the¬†#Ghoemas ( #Afrikaans #MusicAwards) at #EmperorsPalace last April. It was an amazing moment in the spotlight and since we had website issues I could not share it….

She won best #Afrikaans #HipHop artist and we are so pleased that she chose Mocha Chic as the dress to receive her award in.

So you might be asking yourself, is our aim to cater to  celebrities?

If the opportunity arrives most definitely we will, but our number one goals is catering to everyday women from all walks of life.

Women who have things to do, children to raise, snot noses to wipe, husband’s socks to pick up, meetings to get to and money to make and all the while look amazing doing it.

But who can say no to a moment in the sun…most definitely not us hahaha. And here’s to many many more such moments as we move forward in our adventures in fashion.

I want to thank the #TICIA group for mentioning Mocha Chic to Claudia.

#Blessings to you all ladies.


#Love, Light and Blessings

Wendy Ewurum

(more pics below)






Let’s Talk About THE Fashion Brand To Love

Let’s Talk About THE Fashion Brand To Love

Mocha Chic family HELLO!!!!

I bet you came here thinking there is some great reveal of some sort and you would be write.

#MochaChic Design Studio who has evolved into Mocha Chic #Couture is most definitely the brand to love, even if I, the founder and creative director do say so myself. It has taken a lot of hard work and perseverance to get here.

My title was going to be, “Well here we are again, starting off one more time ladies” but I thought no, that not only sounds exhausted but wouldn”t truly represent all the amazing transformations and achievements that have taken place since the Mocha Chic blog suffered its misfortune of being obliterated when (unbeknown to me) I hired an unqualified individual to upgrade it.

It was a huge eye opener, one of the lessons being, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

And if you do decide to fix it, follow your instincts, because the signs were there but I ignored them.

So misfortune aside, I am very pleased to have finally “put on my big girl panties” and got back on the blog “wagon” because there have been so many awesome and positive changes and milestones reached on and offline I am positively giddy with excitement.

So where to start?

Perhaps for today it best to just let you read through a short #infographic I prepared for some of our in-store activities (yes we moved to a bigger premises) and events in the last two weeks. It gives a little insight onto what you can expect from our brand and our values and what we are passionate about. Those are the topics and themes we will expand on as we grow.

Feel free to let us know when you might drop in to our studio, we are most definitely looking forward to meeting you.

We would love to get to know you so please feel free to leave a link to your own website or social media account in comments.

Thank you for visiting Mocha Chic Couture.

Love, light and blessings

Wendy Ewurum