When Opportunity Meets Brainwork

Today I feel like I need to motivate someone not only about #fashion but #life in general.
To inspire them to make a move that will one day present #moneymoves.
So I’m talking opportunities and I’ll jump right into it.

It is so important to build a base upon which opportunities can be received.

But most of us are not trained or taught to think this way. We are subliminally programmed into thinking that someone has to come with something that will better us, to save us. Fix your CV so you can go and look for a job, maybe they will be nice enough to give it to you. When the 10th person doesn’t see you fit for the job you might think no one wants to give you a chance. The world is a cruel cold place.
But….if someone however asked for help with something that won’t meet certain personal expectations or societal standards we are quick reject such offers because, “surely God will give your me hearts desires, if He is God….” we lament.
But in my experience, it doesn’t help to say you are waiting for an opportunity when you aren’t “in practice” ready to receive them. And this is because it is difficult to even identify opportunities if they are not within your RAS. You think you are waiting for an opportunity when in fact you have not set your brain up to recognize when opportunity knocks or how to turn a challenge into an opportunity. Your RAS by the way is that part of your brain that filters information, it receives and rejects information according to what will be useful as per your thinking patterns. This means if we do not surround ourselves with information and things or people which/who are related to our aspirations and desires and dreams, we cannot expect our minds to file that relevant piece information under useful things.

It is not aware thatit should.

Surrounding yourself with things related to your business or work aspirations could be that charity work you take up that could lead to the business opportunity you would otherwise never have thought up or been presented with.

But because your mind is occupied with things that challenge and stimulate it, you start to create situation or those opportunities for yourself.

Mentally stimulating environments are important because most

times opportunies present themselves as challenges or problems to overcome. Lessons that we learn and grow from.Opportunities seldom come in the way we expect.
And so my advise is, if you cannot formerly upskill yourself then choose something in your community to engage yourself. Not only will you learn new things and life skills everyday but because we are all connected, that person or activity may just lead to your opportunity.

Either created by yourself or presented to you.

Isn’t that a novel idea?
You going out to knock on opportunity’s door?
Mocha Chic was such an opportunity presented in the form of a challenge. It looked nothing like what it has become. I didn’t even know there would be a brand. This brand evolved out of an attempt to create a job for myself and boy am I glad I dragged that girl called opportunity by her weave to my door.

I hope you, my friend reading this, are motivated to get off your seat and do something that will not just fillyour time but satisfy your being and stimulate your thinking.

Much love & light …

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