When God is In Control #MochaPrincessProject

With this school #charity drive I honestly feel I’m in a season where #God wants to teach me that when he places something on your heart He just needs a step of faith. He does not need me to have:

-Ready resources & contacts

-A plan

-Or even the skills…

He just needs a willing heart because He is more than able to finish His own work if I am willing to co-labour with him.

As I seek ro work on myself and my relationship with the Lord, my biggest concern was, how will I get this to happen? Especially as sanctification seems to be the buzz word making it’s rounds in my head. Meaning, I have to let go of some things and pheres of influence which I counted on to help me make this happen.

I need not have worried because what I am realising right now is that God has his own army that takes care of His own. If those I relied on are not there, it allows him to demonstrate to me exactly just how big a God He is.

This is what happened at #church yesterday from people who heard about it last Wednesday at #BibleStudy after I shared with two people. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next few weeks. My kids are gonna shine on their day….

Money for 5 girls hair is in the bag. 16 more to go…?.

Some of the stories behind the gowns make me believe even more that this is God’s project. They are testimonies just on their own.
Please continue to donate. There are 21 girls and 25 boys.

Clothes size: 28 -36

Shoe size: 3 – 8


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