What My Children Learnt About #Gratitide Today

In my quest to identify the pupils we will be helping with their matric dance outfits and the school/s for the Mocha Princess Project, I drove to Zandspruit and parked somewhere between shack shops.

I told them i’m leaving them in the car to speak to some people (the traders).

I was going to be right there visible but my kids have never been so terrified. They asked me to lock doors and open the windows only a little and i could see them trying shink into the seats.

Thereafter we went to see the high school the residence referred me to. The school, Far North High looks nothing like their own schools although they also government schools. You could see the concern on their faces. The middle one (Eden) ask, mommy how do all the kids fit in those classrooms? Tomorrow i’ll take pictires when I meet the principal at 9AM.

Zandspruit kids

As we were driving home my 4 year old says….thank you mommy for finding our house and letting us live there. The other two repeated her thanks.


Her eldest sister (Ariyel) chips in and says, “mummy can we help with the things you will be giving them.”

It was the perfect opportunity for a lecture on gratitude. I did not miss it. As an example I drew parallels between what they will wear when they go for their own matric farewell’s and its source as opposed to these kids.

Ariyel the said: “that’s why we should never envy other people when they have something we don’t have.”

Need I have said more?

I just realised what sheltered and ignorant lives our children lead when we don’t expose them to the less savoury sides of life. Even in their little hearts and minds such things cause reflection.

Humility starts with being thankful for your current circumstance because there is someone else out there who would see it as the biggest blessing and promotion in life if they could be in your place today.

Zandspruit resident – Getty’s image

2 thoughts on “What My Children Learnt About #Gratitide Today

  1. Oh my kudos to you. I personally didn’t even know there is a place called Zandspruit. Indeed humility and gratitude goes a long way

    1. Thank you Maki but we thank God from whom all good things and even ideas come come to be honest and I pray this project will be an amazing success and offset others.Thank you for dropping in and taking the time to comment.

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