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This just not have come at a better time.

This morning I heard some bad news from Ms Kotane is the matric HOD. The news requires much even more coverage of this event to make it happen.

The kids are apparently required to pay R500 each towards funding of their farewell. They are not engaging because of affordability and so although we got it on schedule again, the school may cancel for lack of funding for catering and facilities and such. This is same kids who are going to wear second hands gowns because they cannot afford to purchase outfits.

There are about 70 matric pupils X R500 = R34,500.00.

I refuse to believe that we cannot make this happen for them.

These kids must have a farewell come hell or high water. This is not trivial because even though this is not the funding of basic needs like books, there are kids here who will be encouraged and inspired for the rest of their lives. Who will be left believing that society cares about what happens to them and that their is better out there to strive for.

If you would like to pay for a child please leave your details for me and i will get in touch.Contact Form

Please help me get #farnorthhigh ‘s #matric pupils a #matricfarewell.

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