Total Life Changes is Changing My Life

I never thought I would find a network marketing product that I would be passionate about or that would work when using it without me having to convince myself that it is really really working. Then #Iaso tea just kinda happened along because of #Facebook and now… five weeks later i’m not only a user or an affiliate but have stepped up the first rung of an extremely profitable ladder to a #TotalLifeChanges #DIRECTOR **happy dance**.

You might be wondering why I’m so excited about having gone just one step up from being a #networkmarketing affiliate.

I mean could it not just be taken any time? (this is #network #marketing after all)…is it not stressful maintaining this level in view of how saturated the market is with all sorts of products from competitors?

Before I give some of my justifications for my levels of ecstasy, let me just say, if you know anything about TOTAL LIFE CHANGES then you will know that even being an affiliate is an extremely exciting prospect…. not only because it has products that work instantaneously, are affordable and market themselves but because it is only 4 months old in the country and that means SA is an untapped market making it very profitable to those joining in the 1st 6 months at least. Of course those who joined in it’s first month are far better off. In case you thinking huh ohhhh only 4 months…. let me quickly quail your fears…4 months in South Africa. Total Life Changes is a 17 year old company operating in over 150 countries with a Compensation Plan that’s been awarded as the best globally.

Ok…putting that digression aside….let me tell you why my promotion as a Total Life Changes DIRECTOR means so so so much to me.

Well there are multiple good answers to this question so let me just give those most obvious to me:

  1. Check match…where as before you got 50% commission only on the first order of your newly signed person and only binary earnings of their commission after…which is 10%, this means I will now get the 50% equivalent of their pay check every month…not just that first one.

  2. My binary commission increases from a 10%minimum to 12% minimum to 25% max.

  3. Other network marketing companies strip you of your title when you do not meet targets. Total Life Changes says… you know what LIFE HAPPENS…. we not here to punish you, we want to help you become the best you can possibly be, we are rooting for you….so no stripping of titles…..once a director, you are a director for life.

Just these three reasons make me the happiest person ever… I ain’t going nowhere but up.

I am so fired up and I hope as many of you as possible will get on board and #joinus because #TLCPays.

I joined this company on the 29th Jan, on the 9th of March I made director and made some serious money in the process….it sounds ludicrous even to me.


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