The Story

Greetings, I’m Wendy Ewurum.

Welcome to my blog where I share my life, my journey fighting this “oh so tiresome” flab, share #weightlosstips & #fitnesstips, products I’ve found worked, and make friends.

Do I want to be skinny?

Not by any stretch of the imagination. I love being on the thick side of life ( #thickgirlsrock too), but that being said I value my health more, hence I embarked on a weighloss journey to alleviate my #obesity related health struggles. I’ll tell you about those in my blog posts. As a result I consider myself as more of a #plussize health advocate than a weightloss one.


So the question is, what are you likely to find on this blog?

You will find weekly updates about my progress and struggles (of which there are many) and triumphs (which I do wish came much faster and with greater frequency) ….and…. links to the products that have been instrumental in getting me to my current size 16 from 22/24, plus little snippets of what I do to keep motivated and inspired.

Over and above this you’ll find regular talk about fashion.

This was one of my personal challenges as the weight came off. I had to learn to dress for a body that no longer needed tent like dresses, it suddenly had a neck and waist, small ankles and could venture into heels and possibly, just possibly wear color. I still dreaded going into stores and wondering aimlessly for hours avoiding going to shops for “fat people” (Donna Claire anyone?) and yet not finding anything that fit from the brands I really wanted to buy from. So started experimenting with custom made clothes, specifically using African fabric which my hubby had been buying for me through the years but had no courage to wear.

Personally at size 24 I thought the colors made me even more conspicuous and whale-like… well… i got a tailor and fell in love. Friends seeing the changes and how great the quality of material was and how rich the prints, asked to buy my fabric and as fate would have it, due to demand for quality ankara, chiitenge, kente wax which we do not have ready access to in South Africa, my new found passion evolved into: Mocha Chic ( my fabric store) where you will find African prints made of the finest quality materials curated by me personally in West Africa.I hope you will find something to tickle your fancy on my blog (The Chic Mocha Queen) and particularly at my online store, Mocha Chic.

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I love surprising my friends and clients.

Thank you for dropping in and I cannot wait to meet you and share ideas, inspiration and get some of your nuggets of wisdom in comments…….