The Plussize Dress to Conquer the Wedding Season

#Weddings are quite possibly one of the most exciting events in our lives, perhaps more than #birthdays, and most assuredly more exciting than the prospect of leaving our drab winter outfits behind in favour of spring and summer colours.

It must be the idea of witnessing a new adventure begin.

Two people taking a step to explore new vistas together, venturing off to write their own story. From the beautiful bride and handsome groom to the delicious food, hilariously inappropriate speeches, we revel in these festivities don’t we? The magic of it.

Weddings are major favourite events to attend and we all wait with bated breath to see the bride in her spectacular dress as she make her way down the isle to the love of her life, and sometimes, just sometimes we also secretly hope we look the part more than the person sitting next to us because (if you single)…. you are ready to mingle right? *wink

So from being served cold food which happens more often that not *eye roll*, the only other thing that may dampen our mood is not finding something unique and absolutely ravishing to wear!

Mocha Chic to the rescue!

Well, fabulous diva, look at this little number that will be a guaranteed crowd stopper with the guests but without competing with the gorgeous bride (we never want to confuse people about who’s the bride right?). Whether it’s a destination, traditional or church wedding, this dress will take you from ceremony to reception. I’m sure you agree, take a look:


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2 thoughts on “The Plussize Dress to Conquer the Wedding Season

  1. Umm classy, sassy and elegant!! I love this number!!
    Imagine the bride in this number- it speaks quality and screams, ‘Yess i do’!

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