The Mocha Princess Project is born

This one is very close to my heart y’all.

A #farewell #charity drive for underprivileged matriculants under the banner the #MochaPrincessProject.

I’ve been wanting to get involved in work that would have a positive impact on another person’s but have not really known what to do. I do have debit orders going off my account for various charities example wild life and for save a child but nothing that really makes me feel like I’m having real impact because they are so far removed from my actual life.

Once a year I get an email that explains what my little monthly contributions helped towards and that’s it. Mind you i’m grateful that someone in need somewhere is benefiting. But as scripture says, “to whom much is given , much is expected”. I am by no means rich or free of financial worries but I always feel if willing, with whatever you have you, you can always uplift another and it does not always have to be with money.

Yes, it is unfortunate that most cases do require some monetary effort but with a little creativity and recycling and participation, those can be overcome.

And so it is with great excitement and a truck load of prayer that I invite you to read up on what what the #MochaPrincessProject is about, it’s inspiration and how you can become involved.

The Chic Mocha Queen Invite

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