The Gravity Defying Mocha Chic Dress

What is this thing we fondly refer to as the #gravitydefyingdress here at Mocha Chic Studios?

Well if you have had any ups and down and probably mostly ups with your #weight, you will understand this term in relation to the #dresses I’m talking about.

The Mocha Chic gravity defying dress is the one that is worn by the 42/44 #plussize that looks like we shouldn’t be able to wear them but we do and look exquisite in them.

It’s basically the outfit you would not walk into a typical store at the mall and buy because although they have your size, things are not sitting comfortably or position, it just does not look good or decent. The fabric is too soft, it stretches too much, its too tight, it doesn’t stretch enough in certain places, the quality is questionable, the colours only enhance the dimples on your tights, and the list goes on. And neither would you find this dress at a designer stores that makes clothes out of the best fabric know to man “allegedly” such as Gucci because as far as they are concerned, real women only wear up to size 36. Ok maybe i’m making slight or even big exaggerations but you get my drift.

Why did I start making these dresses for the fuller figure:

And that’s the only reason.

I got tired of an industry that tells me I can only wear a particular style of outfit because of the “limitations” imposed by not being their version of the perfect figure. And I decided to make clothes to satisfy my style requirements.

So surely there are women like me out there who want the to be sexy, classy and time relevant without compromising on style, comfort, quality and standards. Who are happy to be #plussize but can’t find the type of dress they can express that through.

Mocha Chic’s gravity defying dresses are made to not only enhance a voluptuous/curvy full figure but to also support the fight against the inevitable effects of gravity. Yes, being in this demographic has given me valuable insight into what our needs are and that is why these beauties look like they’ve got special powers kikiki.


And so I do hope other women will come to love and enjoy these dresses as much as I am.

I’d love to hear what you think of them in comments.

Remember we do custom pieces as well as ready made with enough allowance for alterations at your discretion.

For style bookings and orders you may whatsapp me (Wendy) at: +27 (0) 710874833

Or call our studio for an appointment: +27 (0) 11 011 9014


Love & Light


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