Sunday in a Box Pleat #AnkaraDress

I felt like a #nubianprincess wearing this dress with its billowing bottom. The light breeze today also seemed to love playing with it. It is made of #kitenge also known as #dutchwax fabric and the same favric is cleverly used to line the bits that show but not all of it so that it remains light for summer wear. I also love the way my tailor discreetly inserted the slit within the #boxpleat over the left knee so that it is demure for church without me constantly adjusting to conceal it and not very nunnish, just the way I love my clothes.

The only fly in my ointment is that the pockets I asked for I did not get. They were forgotten. And the funny thing is that even today as I was wearing it my hands kept looking for them to drop my keys and cell phone in.

Otherwise I am happy with my design although the perfectionist in me still wants my pockets ?

So without further ado…..check it out and tell me what you think???

Thank you for dropping in diva.

Dont forget ro tell me what you think….



Shoes @ Woolworths

Bag @ Nine West

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