Welcome to My Africa fashion corner.
If you follow me on social media you probably know about my big love for West African fabric and its amazing versatility. I’m sure, like me, you also know how difficult
it can be to find fabric worth the price we pay here on the Southern tip of Africa. And on that note, I decided to offer the same quality of fabric as used to make my own
outfits as seen on my social media pages, primarily as a cost effective, high quality option to the cheap, inferior quality few meters often peddled to us at those exorbitant prices.
I think you will agree that when you are a plus size queen, the extra meters also go a long way.
So, on my blog you will find West African fabrics of premium quality, with original measurements and at the most reasonable prices.
Now you can also wear our beautiful, internationally renowned African print, a fashion favorite that is not going away anytime soon, without breaking your budget.