My Crown & Pretty Heritage Day Girls

All my friends know how much I just dread looking my age. I mean that’s the whole point of never wearing makeup, always eating good food, exercise, etc.

To preserve my skin right …ok and do something for my health.

But, as much as I have worked on these, mother nature still has a way of beating me to it and right now it’s like she’s saying “sit your tush down and deal….”

That’s how i’ve feeling the last few days as i’ve been wearing my natural hair in my attempt to help it grow. This year it has fallen so badly I actually could see completely bald skin when i separated it into lines. Its been attributed to lack of nutrition (my eating) to hormones and bad stylists…the list goes on.

My hair got so weak though recently after I’d been using Mizani (hair treatment and daily products) for a couple of months that it became like relaxed hair. Fluffy and cotton like when air dried and bone straight when blowdried.

But don’t get me wrong. I love Mizani, I continue to use it for my 3 little girls who have the thickest and coarsest of hair. It keeps their #Afros beautifully tangle free, soft and manageable. But it quite obviously did not work for my hair type which is naturally soft and thin  stranded and in crisis.

Anyway, to cut this short. I started at looking at organic options and came across Ruutos and later added Black Jamaican Castor Oil Hair Food.

The combinations seems to be working well. Because of Ruutos the texture has become spiral but with definable curls and almost no frizz. After a week of applying Jamaican castor oil  it feels the strongest its been for a while and  my scalp is no longer clear of hair. Its starting to sprout I think.

So i’m quite happy with the products but…..i do love my weaves and lately with my #Afro being so exposed all the time I pep talk myself a lot.

I’m definitely feeling all l of my 40 years


and 9 months on this planet. I hope it grows into something lush and long and sexy rather sooner than later. Please!

PS! If you want to try #Ruutos, just mention Wendy Ewurum so you can get same service/advice as me or leave a comment so I can hook you up.

And on a lighter and most definitely prettier note, how cute is this grade 9 or 8 learner that allowed me to take a picture of her this morning when I dropped my kids. They are #celebrating #Heritage week. I can’t wait to see the rest tomorrow. I will be better prepared.

Allen Glen High School Cultural Day Celebration

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