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Grade 8A Peruvian + Closure Sale

“Here’s To Spring Mocha” Giveaway

“Here’s To Spring Mocha” Giveaway

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Mocha Princess Project

Mocha Princess Project

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My one true desire in life is that I would make an impact in someone’s life (big or small) that would inspire them to want better for themselves. To see that their immediate and most current circumstance does not have to define their future.

When I drive past Zandspruit Squater Camp and also having walked there a few times to support traders, I am overwhelmed by the level of poverty and neglect. The fathers in shebeens during the day, little children running around and trading with their mothers instead of being at home doing homework or maybe they didn’t even make it to school (who knows).

At the same time I get excited by the energy of the people. They are hard working and kind, one mother did not think twice about sending her little boys out to guide me safely to the stall/shack I could get farm chicken from (what we in Xhosa call umleqwa). They are generous to strangers and with marketing for each others’ business. And the respect and humility these little boys had just touched me so deep. The wanted nothing in return and I had to almost force them to accept the R10 I gave to thank them.

Everytime I pass this area my heart feels little pangs. I wish a camera could capture the smell. You wonder how its possible to just be across the treat from the affluent areas along Beyers Naude main road.
Ok ignore the magnificently big forehead **hides**. I was coming from a meeting at the school here and everytime I pass this area my heart feels little pangs. I wish a camera could capture the smell.You wonder how its possible to just be across the treat from the affluent areas along Beyers Naude main road.

It is such incidents that really imprinted in my heart that there must be something I can do to make a difference in a few people’s lives.

I thought why not start with the little girl or boy whom with all her heart would love to attend her matric ball but cannot because her family does not have the means to get her dressed up for the occasion. Worse she could be an orphan fighting against heavier odds, working through school trying to set herself or even himself up for a better future.

Why allow lack of resources to be another blow life will deal them at their young age.

Surely if I am there, blessed with whatever little I have materially which is much more than they  have….I can make a difference.

The intention initially was to just help three school girls. But as time went by and having spoken to the different people trying to identify a high school (of which there is none in Zandspruit, they attend schools all the way in Cosmo), I realized the best route would be to open this idea to more people. My friends on social media and outside thereof. Surely there are others who share the same desire to help someone in need, encourage a child on their path and give them a pat on the back for having persevered.

And so the MOCHA PRINCESS PROJECT is born.

This year I have committed to supporting pupils in the Zandspruit informal settlement who you can conclude just from looking at the environment, are in dire need.

A local ministry is assisting with identifying matric pupils in area so that we have approximate numbers but in the end there will be many and as donations come in so we will distribute and gift them with packages to attend their farewell functions.

And so if after reading this post you are  are keen to lend a hand, please start with leaving your contact details on this form: contact form and then spread the word by posting this flyer everywhere with the hashtag: #MochaPrincessProject

Thereafter you can view the WHAT WE NEED page to get the list of items we are in need of to make this happen for our girls and boys.

Thank you for your kindness and may God bless and multiply you.



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