It’s Clothes, Not African Clothes

Mocha Chic as a brand that’s passionate about making what is now traditionally categorized as African clothing (events clothing) simply clothing.

This requires is shift is our mentality. In how we view #AfricanPrint, #AfricanFashion, #AfricanStyles & #AfricanFabric as whole.

Why call it African in Africa…

The very idea of calling our clothes native or traditional or African always gives me the idea that we inherently liken it to something that should not be common because it could be over the top and maybe even a little strange like ballgowns, only fit for models, special occasions, be it a wedding, a birthday, family ceremonies, fit for anything but our daily life. I believe whether an outfit is made of isishweshwe, #ankara, #kitenge, #dashiki it has as much relevance as the silk, cotton, denim, and whatever others grace my wardrobe and should be worn with as much frequency.. And perhaps even more so as we are in fact Africans in Africa and therefore could and should do the most to showcase the kaleidoscope of color and amazing artistry of the people of this continent through our style choices.

I admit….

It does take a certain eye to put so much colour together in such a way that is comes off enticing, breathtaking and not overwhelming to the senses. But that is not to say it cannot be done because the same goes for any well dressed person whose choice is Western styles, it takes a little time and effort to learn to coordinate your design with patterns but with the help of #instagram and the like, you’ll see that overnight it becomes the norm. Let’s do away with the effusive, over the top designs which make it look like our #fabricstyles are only for such occasions. Think simple lines, chic styling and tailoring and you are halfway there.

For more advice I (Wendy Ewurum am always available to advise either here in comments, or on whatsapp: 0710874833).

Today my office wear is fire engine red and a screaming orange, covered neck to toe and everything in your is probably wailing NOOOOO. But guess what, here I am feeling chic, unique and stylish … #officeglam. Who does not want to be feeling themselves everyday? Nobody. And to know that I will not bump into anyone down the hall wearing something similar or the same as mine??? A.M.A.Z.I.N.G

Tell me what you think of this outfit…

Would you or would you not?



The Fabric of this two piece is the highest grade of #Ankarafabric to ensure longevity with the trousers layered in luxurious lining.

In terms of sizes, the one i’m wearing is:

XXL SIZE ( approx) 40-42:

Price R1450


XL (approx) 38:

Price R1350

L (approx) 36:

Price R1250

M (approx) 34:

Price R1150

S (approx) 30-32:

Price R1050


* We only have 2 pieces of each size available for all our garments, we never make more than 10 of a certain style, to ensure we keep it exclusize.

* All our pieces have generous seam allowance.

* Delivery or collections within 10 days, shipping included.

2 thoughts on “It’s Clothes, Not African Clothes

  1. Umm, this outfit is classy, the colours blend well together and its well tailor made!!

    Its a YESSSSSS! for me, anyone can wear it and not say its ‘African’ dressing!
    I love it! Keep it up Wendy!

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