#Howto Queen In #Ankarablazers & Jeans

So today I want to talk about #AnkaraPrint and #jeans as a #fashion statement.

I used to be a girl that only wore black, grey and blue in winter and ventured to light blue, light grey and white in the summer, mainly because of my weight issues. I just thought bright colors showed of just how huge I was and the more somber colors hid my many sins.

Then I lost a little weight, not much but some. And decided I was gonna try some of those less conspicuous prints piling up in me cupboard, surely they couldnt hurt. It wasnt long before I found myself in the yellow hues and pinks, I fell head over heels.

Im really so glad I took that first step because as much as I love being stylish I dont think I loved it as much as I do now that I can wear everything, especially my jeans to work every day with my Ankara. A girl in figure hugging(flattering) jeans and an ankara blazer can do lot of damage traffic damage, Im talking hallway traffic here, nothing life threatening (kikiki).

“Fashion is mysterious, as a rule. Why are blue jeans a classic? You just hit on something that happens to be timeless and right.”
-Diane von Furstenberg

I keep hearing ladies say they can’t wear African Print because it feels like event wear (like it should be reserved for wedding or some such occasion. And I say if that is how you feel then the flaw is most probably in the design work. There is nothing more appealing than Ankara, kente and even dashiki print in the boardroom or on the beach or as street fashion. And this is why I love wearing it with my jeans, it takes my outfit from a mandane T-shirt and jeans ready for the mall to Tshirt, jeans and Ankara blazer ready to meet client or have lunch out with the girls. There is a certains, je ne sais quoi about a print that’s been well matched with design and body shape. It just captivates the on looker.

African print is probably the most versatile type of fabric you will ever have in your cupboard and my mission is to show that you can wear this fabric and look spectacular every day of the week.

And if you dont believe its possible, just keep coming back to this blog because the other great thing is that I am not your model type figure. I’m oh so far away from it. So if I can cause head turns in it, imagine just how much fire power you will have if you have an even more flattering figure.

In the right ankara a girl can conquer the world

Ankara + Jeans is indeed the perfect casual combination but they are also the agent to take your casual look to office appropriate.

I cannot wait to see you in your Ankara ladies and gentleman.

Please send me your pictures in jeans matched with Ankara to be featured on one of our posts. Lets inspire each other to live #African.

Ps ladies! Mocha Chic is launching her first set of blazers for purchase in October, Please keep an eye on our store front: www.mochachic.co.za or whatsapp: 0710874833 *****SO EXCITED*****

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5 thoughts on “#Howto Queen In #Ankarablazers & Jeans

  1. Great read. Thank you for this article. I’m a big-boned girl and always hiding my body under dark-coloured clothes. I have a mindset that bright clothes makes me look too big and unappealing. I went through your photos on Facebook I’m impressed with your style. I think it’s about time I introduce more colours to my wardrobe. I love how you rock your African print blazers . I have fallen in love with your style. Your ankara prints dresses are equally awesome, this is the style I yearn. I look forward to your blazer launch.

    1. Wow I am so flattered babe.
      I completely understand your perspective hun. Society has entrenched it in us that that you have to be a certain size to be socially acceptable.

      I am a pro_health fanatic but I believe in being your best healthy self I any size and that includes having a healthy body image. You’ve got to do your very best with what you got. Take care if it. Look fierce in it.

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