How to wear the Flared African Midi Skirt

This skirt is slowly working its way into my heart.

Being quite a #thickgirl under normal circumstances I prefer that my clothes touch my body. I’ve always felt that flared and very loose clothes just add more girth and shrink my already challenged height.

But the Flared African Midi skirt is giving me some really pleasant surprises. 

I love its versatility and the fact that you can have an outfit that pops without making much effort.

I’ve worn mine twice since I had it made. First I paired it with a loose denim shirt from Polo but I get the feeling a tight fitting one with a bit of stretch would look great as well. I happen to have one from Levis and i’m definitely trying it on, in the very near future. In fact even a fitted button down white shirt would do wonderfully.

Today I paired it with a black see-through mesh vest that I got from a little store called Dorcrat Ladies Fashions at The Plaza in Mayfair. I can’t remember exact price but i think around R120.

I’m so glad I made the trip and got them in different colours. They will definitely come in handy this summer.

So if like me you had some doubts about the flared midi, take the plunge and try it out. 

It’s the perfect outfit for a brunch (which is what I wore it to today), or church (with the appropriate top) or a date.

***The one thing i would warn you against when you have your skirt made or you buy it, is that you put thought into how broad you want the belt to be. Mine was initially twice the size it is now. I had to have it altered because it looked awkward and cumberson going right under my breast as i dont have much length in my midrif. 

So make sure the belt complements your body type.

Ok diva, thank you for the visit. Until next time, keep #queening.

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