Here’s To Spring #Giveaway

Hey ladies and gents,

I’m super excited to host our fist giveaway on the blog and it is a major one.

1st PRIZE:

12″ Grade 8A Peruvian Wig worth R2800

2nd PRIZE:

6 yards Ankara Print worth R550

3rd PRIZE:

3 Pantene Treatment products

Some of my readers might be aware that I’m in the midst of a transition to incorporate ECS Virgin Hair to Mocha Chic so that as a business Mocha Chic is able to offers a holistic African luxury lifestyle experience to your fellow queens. And this is why we are able to gift one a #premiumquality #peruvian grade 8A custom made wig. I cannot wait to announce this gift, oh my word……

The second prize is from our #Ankara line, a print we call Meanderings and personally I would live to see that used for a blazer. That patterns just screams versatility. I’m going to post one of my #ankara blazers here just to give you an example of how I envision it and it maybe some inspiration to you.

And last but not least, because I adore my hair range, I had to insist that we add hair maintenance products in the mix. I’m all about treating caucasian hair as it should be treated. None of this treating your 100% high quality hair like you wearing #Xpression. You know what I mean….washing that gorgeous expensive hair once every six weeks and then killing it with silicone and hair dryer…

So anyway, divas this giveaway is serious and its only the second time that in our history of selling hair that we give away another full unit of hair and understandably so …. real grade 8A virgin hair doesn’t come cheap. I don’t think I even need to explain how good the fabric is, its wedding season, lobola season, micimbi season, you name it…its here. So do your very best to enter as many times as you can, share this as many times as possible. Believe me, will will be watching.

To share onfacebook, twitter and Instagram timeslines… here’s the link:

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