Fire In The Water by Janice Ross

Coming February 27th!!!

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Chanel Bissett believed in one fundament truth—the power of love. She’s adored and loved Zachary Marlowe long before she knew what life meant. They’ve built a bond so strong, it was beyond untouchable.

Or so Chanel thought…

Rhys Colburn has always been privileged, wealthy and demanding. He was ready to spend the rest of his life with Maggie Cohn, so that together, they could conquer the world.

Rhys couldn’t be more wrong…

Consistently appearing at the wrong place and wrong time, Chanel and Rhys’ lives began to clash. Every breath, every word, every moment was as if the heavens had shifted the earth so that their paths would cross. Whether faith or destiny, they are pushed to emotional boundaries neither could sustain.

Yet still, hope remained…

Over time, they became stripped of their once known selves. All that was left were shattered pieces of a once upon a time. And after three years with shadows of memories behind, chance pulled them together again.

Finally, love just might emerge. And this time, destiny might be kinder.

Will either take a chance with a stranger or will the past resurface to shatter the possibility?

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