Do I Really Need To Trim My Expensive Virgin Hair?

At ECS Virgin Hair (my sister company) we supply virgin hair, closures and wigs to customers and retailers, so we have a list of preferred hair salons on our vendor list for both in-house use and to refer clients to. So occasionally I too have to head on over to patron a hair salon.

Early last week I looked at the ends of my ombre wig and thought, “its time for the chop”.

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This goes against the grain of most ladies wishes who have bought 100% unprocessed virgin hair and the stylist was so hesitant to trim off that one and half inch it was funny. So I decided to write this post about why you may, now and again need to chop off some of your precious weave.



  1. Like me, you may have amazing quality virgin hair (in my case grade 9A #peruvian) and succumbed to bleaching a section of it to get the oh so fashionable #ombre effect.
  2. You have gotten good quality hair but you have not been giving it proper maintenance treatment (which by the way most ladies dont know much about) and as a result your hair, although it may appear shiny from silicones, is in fact malnourished and starting to breakdown and get split-ends

Human hair weaves and wigs are usually put under more stress than your natural hair. This is due to things like styling, bleaching, the constant use of electronic styling tools like straightening irons and curling wands. If hair is not properly taken care of, it will result in split ends, which can potentially be your worst nightmare.


Split ends can occur on both your natural and on your weave or wigs. Depending on where and how the split end is situated on the hair shaft, a single split can unravel and move up the hair shaft or peel away or break off near their starting point. Split ends will cause more problems to human hair weaves and wigs, because unlike your natural hair, your extensions will not receive any natural nutrients which are excreted directly from the scalp to the hair. Therefore, it is important to take care of the tips in order for the hair to retain its overall healthy look and live out its full lifespan. Here are the three main cause of split ends, followed by five tips on how to prevent and manage your weave in a way that will lessen split ends occurring.

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  1. Heat

Heat will cause your hair follicles to lose their much needed natural moisture, which will result in split ends and a dried out looking weave. It is, therefore, important to use as little heat as possible on your human hair extensions if you want them to have a lengthy lifespan. So limit the use of blow drying, flat ironing, straightening and other heat emitting styling tools

  1. Harsh Hair Products

Your hair extension will need a little extra product to keep them looking their best, but using harsh hair products like hair dye, gels, waxes and hair sprays can weaken your hair and cause split ends. You need to make sure that when you invest in good hair, you do the same with the product. Make sure to use products that are specifically made for the hair type use in the extensions, or are gentle enough to use on your weave or wig. Reduce the use of hair spray, gel and wax as they stay longer on your hair, which means you will have to wash your hair more often than required.

  1. Strong Shampoo

Having a great hair experience is 50% dependant on the correct hair care products. This is key and particularly important when it comes to washing your hair. Shampoos are made specifically for different hair types and using a shampoo that is not meant for the hair hair type or wigs can run the risk of damaging your hair extensions. Once youve chosen the correct product make sure you only use 50% shampoo and 50%conditioner (co wash) as shampoos tend to be harsh and strip the hair of nutrients further in the cleaning process. Oh and choose shampoos that are sulphate and paraben free and keep your washes to at least one wash a week.

Sadly, there is no actual treatment for split ends, so try by all means to prevent them by taking good care of your hair.

HOW TO deal with SPLIT ENDS?

  1. Trimming

So as I mentioned earlier, if your hair went through bleaching and maybe even coloring process thereafter, process, as time goes by (in my case its been 8 months with this wig), you may start to see signs that the quality of the bleached hair is starting to look thin and nappy and tangles more. In this case I’m afraid its time to chop of inches. Yes I know, its painful to cut your precious inches but a tangling mess of skinny strands at the end of your weave do not a sexy look make. In fact the whole effect cheapens your expensive stresses.

But, the good news is, it doesn’t mean the rest of the hair is now bad and cannot be made like new. If you see bad things happening to your ends, get yourself someone who is exemplary with the scissors (a seasoned professional) and get a trim. You hair maybe an inch or two or more shorter but I bet you everyone will think you are wearing new hair. That’s whats been happening to me since I cut mine last Tuesday I think it was. It just looks brand new. Check it out below.

So now I know I will have many more years with this fabulous hair as opposed to holding on to a hair style that would cost me, not only in looks but money too.

Wearing: Before trim 18″ Grade 9A wig with lace frontal R3000 Orders: 0710874833 or email:


With our black salons I have found this little bit of a challenge because we tend to just use scissors for everything and just chop. So do be careful about where you go, do your homework and preferably watch the person at work. It may sound like too much effort but better that than trusting your hair to the wrong hands.

If all else fails just approach a hair dresser with Barber Shop service. The Dischem Salons are a great starting point.

I do also believe the Moroccan Barbershop also offers excellent service in this area.

You can also trim your own hair but a professional will be able to determine what bits may be split ends, which you may not recognize as split ends. You would also avoid over or under trimming by yourself.

Well, without further ado, let me leave you diva to mull over trimming off any deficiencies you may have noticed on your hair and thought your only option was to live with them.

Thanks for visiting … love you to the moon and back.

I’d love to get your questions and input, so don’t hesitate to use the comment section on this post.


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