Cape Eyes Glued On Ankara Pants 2 Piece

Well besides the fact that it is now available for purchase, one of my #ankara favourites in my closet was an absolute hit in Cape Town while visiting the Zeitz Museum Of Contemporary Art Of Africa this past weekend.

The trick, I suppose with any #Africanprint item of clothing is in the perfect finishing and match of print and design. This outfit ticks all those boxes and shouts CLASS level 100. 

Mindful that classy contemporary #Africanfashion is what #TheChicMochaQueen is about, we are padentic about extra attention to detail being paid when tailoring each Mocha Chic piece.  This superbly cut and stiched outfit is a perfect example of the craftsmanship that goes into our pieces.

The Fabric is the highest grade of #Ankarafabric to ensure longevity with the top layered in luxurious lining.

In terms of sizes, the one i’m wearing is: 

XXL SIZE ( approx) 40-42: 

Price R1750 slashed to R1550


XL (approx) 38:     

Price R1650 slashed to R1450

L (approx) 36:      

Price R1450 slashed to R1250

M (approx) 34:     

Price R1350 slashed to  R1150

S (approx) 30-32: 

Price R1250 slashed to R1050


* We only have 2 pieces of each size available for all our garments, we never make more than 10 of a certain style, to ensure we keep it exclusize. 

* All our pieces have generous seam allowance.

* Delivery or collections within 10 days, shipping included.

Picture taken at The Silo @ Zeitz Museum Of Contemporary Art Of Africa
Zeitz Museum Of Contemporary Art Of Africa

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