Welcome to Mocha Chic, I’m Wendy, a stay at home mom turned self taught and styled plus size fashion designer and blogger.


I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Cape Town and now live in cosmopolitan and fashion forward Johannesburg with my one husband, four children and 6 fishes.

You may be asking yourself of all the things I could have done why take on this mammoth task, after all I do have a corporate background in education and training and an entrepreneurial back ground in online book marketing and promotion.

The simple answer is, creating an everyday wear outfit that’s classy, attractive and sexy comes as easily to me as breathing. It’s like asking a musician how come they chose music and they tell you music chose me. Fashion chose me and plus size fashion specifically because after many years of dieting I realized I was tired of waiting to be the “perfect size” to wear fun, sexy and appealing clothes. The years were flying by and if things were allowed to continue as they were I would never wear a boob tube. Terrifying thought I tell you if you love fun clothes.

But the dilemma was that if I decided to embrace my fit plus size 40/42 figure then I needed to find my type of clothes of which there were none readily available within my vicinity. Most retail stores make ill fitting versions in my size and designer stores think the average woman is a size 36 and lower..

Eurika!!!! moment

This struggle lead to my AHAAA moment which was, why not make these clothes not only for myself but for other women with whom my story resonates. Hence Mocha Chic was born.

You will notice that most of the outfits available for purchase are of our very own African Print fabric which is simply because it is my first love when it comes to fabric type. It is my personal mission to make sure that we see more of this fabric worn on a daily basis, not reserved for special occasions as its currently the case. It is African and I believe deserves a more prominent space in our closets, most certainly above other types of fabric and prints designs.

I do hope you will love the pieces found at theMocha Chic store because each one has been made with the greatest of skill, quality and love. You will also find fabric available for purchase. All our fabric is made either of 100% cotton wax print or a blend of cotton and raw silk which is the pricier fabric. Refer to above picture of my suit to see how the #cotton and #rawsilk blend translates to clothing, it is exquisite.

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Thank you for dropping in and I cannot wait to meet you and share ideas, inspiration and get some of your nuggets of wisdom in comments…….