A Wedding Venue Sponsored…Woop Woop

I have been able to secure a venue which was kindly sponsored byNice By Nature, a much sort after wedding venue in the north of Johannesburg. I am overwhelmed by their generous support.

The catering bill now stands at R20,000.00 ($1395 from $2900).

My little helpers. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Please help us get there, not much time left.

I also had some of the girls over atCalvary Chapel Johannesburglast Saturday.

It was a glorious moment to see the joy in their faces. Makes every bit of begging and spamming and hassling my supporters worthwhile. Spending some time with them I also found out some of the really heartbreaking issues the girls are dealing with such as writing exams and attending rape counselling and raising themselves in a dangerous community.

As if they knew I need the encouragement. I am more than ever committed to helping them in whatever I can.

I can’t wait to see all 45 kids dressed up next Saturday as I will be delivering to all of them at the school on Wednesday.

Church announcements:

I dont think I mentioned it but this campain has been in the church newsletter for a while at Caplvary Chapel.
I just want to say Thank you God for placing me in such a loving community of believers. This project would never have made it this far and have impact on so many without them.

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