40 the best  year, 41 even better  

Turning 40 was a huge  deal for me. 

It was a ginormous deal.

So much so I had a 2 day birthday bash that’s still mentioned as the best ever for those attended.

That birthday was so important because it marked a turning  point in my life. Up to that point my life had been a  misfit  of blessings and misfortunes  and in the mid to latter  part of  my 30’s my life seemed  to just be marred by endless tears and pain. 

But as my 40th came closer i refused to enter into it with that burden.I didn’t know how it was all to be fixed but within me I knew, enough was enough. So i celebrated.

I had asked God for a change in my situation  and unbeknown to me, there were people praying for me daily too, in agreement. I recently learnt that one lady has had her phone alarm going off at 3AM every morning with mine and hubby’s name to wake her up to pray for my family and it’s been like that for two whole years. Someone living with her just casually mentioned  this  to me and my mind was boggled.

And if I never believed before, now I know and believe  that God answers prayers, he answered even those I was too scared to pray for, even those I didnt know I should pray for but he knew my soul longed for.

As I now turn 41 all I pray for is that more of God’s will for my life, will be done. 

I have been blessed beyond measure in my short life and can only hope that I get to please the heart of Him from whom all my blessings flow.


** i have a feeling ….my best is yet to come**


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