2016: The Year Of The Big Butt

I haven’t been around my blog for a very long while. And this is the note I want to start on…
By the grace of God, as many of us are reading this post…we will again be reading in 2018. That is in His hands.

Now to my point about my expanded butt…


No matter where you are, who you are, how glam or not you are, on a girl’s night out or workday or love situation:

  • Your mental health is priority.
    Your physical health is priority.
    your emotional health is priority.
    Your self care is priority.
    Your happiness is priority.
    Your existence is priority.
    Don’t ever treat them like an option.

This is the re-commitment I make to myself. No excuses, no procrastination.

2016 was a very lazy year for my health which organically grew into an expanded butt. It was a sad break from the healthy lifestyle and self development pattern that I adopted late 2014 right through early 2016.

As we speak I weighed in at 9.6kgs heavier mid January but I am back at gym, kitchen on point, grinding hard and went 2.4kgs down in the last 7 days having incorporated an amazing new ingredient to my clean eating and gym life. (tell you about it soon)

I don’t blame myself wholeheartedly for my weight issues though, since after some blood tests…the diagnosis came back as very insulin resistant and anemic. We are working through the situation and it’s improving.

All that being said, don’t get me wrong, many people are crying foul about 2016 but for me it was a fantastic year for my relationship, my family, finances.
Many blessings received and re-connections made. I can only thank the Almighty.
I went through a lot of emotional and mental fixing and healing.

So my post is not only to bid farewell to a year that treated me and my own with great panache, but to also voice my personal hopes for 2o17.
I don’t believe in resolutions but I do believe that each year should bring something if not new then different and improved. There must be a purpose served for myself and my family and my community.

I am determined that my resolve will not waiver even in this year. I am working through the specifics of some of my plans but most definitely my community involvement will continue. You will hear a lot more about that in the coming days…

Happy New Year everybody

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